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Our Programs

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Young Infant Program

Our young infant program cares for the tiniest of our students.  Immobile babies (6 weeks-6 months) are allowed to develop in a natural, comforting, and compassion filled environment.  With proper lighting, temperature, and sound, infants are able to enjoy the world around them without being overwhelmed with sensory input.

We follow the state-mandated ratio guidelines, with each primary care-giver being responsible for the daily care of four infants at a time.  This includes diapering, feedings, and enrichment activities, as well as any other basic care necessary.  Detailed daily reports will be sent home and kept on file. Our creativity starts young by offering open ended, developmentally appropriate experiences to engage all five senses.

Image by Minnie Zhou

Older Infant Program

Infants who become mobile are able to move up to the second infant room as there is space available. They remain in this classroom for about six months. Maintaining a calm, natural, compassionate, and comfortable environment gives our older babies a chance to start using their large motor skills with developmentally appropriate activities and play.

Primary care groups are essential in this classroom as well. Healthy attachments are vital for infants to grow up to be busy, explorative toddlers. Parents will receive detailed daily reports of basic care.

Image by Juan Encalada

Toddler Program/

Early Preschool 

Our Toddler program is a time of language development, social and emotional awareness, and major gross and fine motor development between the ages of 1 year to 2.5 years. We give children the experience to play with developmentally appropriate materials in learning centers around the classroom to support development in all domains.  This program also includes large group/circle time as well as small group activities. At this age, children must start to learn self-control, rule-following, and problem-solving with peers.

Our Early Preschool program is a time for children 2.5 years of age to 3 years of age to begin experiencing the world as quickly as they are growing. We begin to help your child with toilet learning, increased language development, and to prepare them for our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs. Our materials in this classroom rapidly change as each child's abilities and skillsets grow with them.

Image by Kristin Brown

3 Year Old Preschool/
Pre K Program

Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs are where we begin to set the groundwork for the next step of their journey: kindergarten. Now that children have started to master following directions, self-control, and fine motor skills, they can begin mastering writing and recognizing letters, numbers, their name, and sight words. Structured large group and small groups will take place daily.  At Squiggle Room Early Learning Center, we understand that children still yearn for play and choice time at this age. They will still be given many opportunities throughout the day to explore and express their own creativity with a wide variety of materials and experiences.

Image by Jonathan Borba

School Age Program

Our School Age Program is a tool for both parents and children! During the school year, we offer before and after care and bussing to a few local elementary schools. While in our care, school-agers will participate in developmentally appropriate activities and have time provided to work on any homework they may be assigned. During winter and spring breaks, we offer full-day care that serve as sneak peeks for our summer camp program!

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