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Natural Playground

Research has shown that children’s learning is enhanced when interacting with their natural environment. Outdoor play stimulates all their senses. Nature becomes their laboratory so they can freely explore and develop their inquisitive minds. Even children with ADD/ADHD had symptoms improve after spending time outdoors.

Our natural playground was designed to provide the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual benefits our children deserve, and features more than 40,000 sq ft of lush green space including, plants, bushes, hills and valleys. We also have a wooded area suitable for daytime camping.


Our playground was designed specifically for our children’s safety, enjoyment and education by the renowned Nature Valley Playground of Concord, New Hampshire. Equipment was carefully chosen to enhance free play while integrating learning and respect for our environment through recycling and planting. Large raised beds will be utilized to plant seeds and vegetables. Studies show that watching plants grow promotes children's mental growth through their patience and nurturing abilities. They will also have water and sand, music play and a tree house deck for added play and exploration.

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