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Image by Julietta Watson
Art Fair Week



Art Fair Week at Squiggle Room Early Learning Center is a wonderful time for children and their families to come together to celebrate and learn about the arts together.  Children will get to display their work, as well as the projects they’ve worked on as a class. Teachers can meet and greet parents while children show off their creativity.  These activities will take place during the day, with parents more than welcome to join, but on the Thursday of Art Fair Week, there will be an “Art Carnival” in the evening for families to engage with one another and get to know the staff.  This will include snacks, games, music performances by staff, children, and willing family participants, displays of students’ artwork, and community fun!


Holiday Pops Recital



Our Holiday Pops Recital will be a joyous celebration of the Holiday Season.  Children will practice their songs and dances and get to show off their hard work to their families.  Each class (toddler and up) will have a special song to perform for everyone!  This is another fun opportunity to build our school’s community and teach children to have confidence enough to be proud of their work and perform.

Image by kychan
Spring Recital



The Spring Recital is a celebration of everything students have learned throughout the year, as well as a “graduation ceremony” for the preschoolers leaving us for kindergarten


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